We are forever in search of the best furniture to use both in our homes and at our workplaces. One of the best breakthroughs in luxury furniture section is the adoption of the NASA based technology used in making lounge chairs. If you closely observe astronauts in their vessel, you notice that they seem to be lying down more than they are seated. This seating position is called zero gravity position. It is ideal because gravity is well distributed and no pressure is on their spine and buttocks. Zero gravity chairs, which are now trending throughout Canada, have been built using the same concept as that used by astronauts.

This chair is uniquely designed so that it reclines to between 135 and 180 degrees. This is indeed a huge angle and you end up lying down rather than sitting up straight. When you are lying in the chair, it is said that you are in a zero gravity position. When you are seated in a normal chair, you tend to feel pressure mounting on your lower back and buttocks. It tends to increase as you sit for longer. With the zero gravity chairs, your weight is evenly distributed such that you don't feel any pressure.

With a zero gravity chair in your home, you get a chance to improve your relaxation. You will have a good spot to be jumping to every evening after a long day at work. Just set the chair to the right angle and grab a book to help you relax. Of course, the chair also serves the same functions as a regular chair and more. With the many features and benefits that this outdoor chair offers, it is little wonder many people all over Canada are flocking furniture stores to buy it.

The benefits that zero gravity chairs have:
Aesthetic - Every home owner will go for a chair that fulfils their needs but more than this, they also need a chair that will transform their homes' decor. With this lounge chair, you get to embellish your outdoor and also make it more fun for the family to stay outdoors. You can have the chair set at the patio or by the pool.

Spine becomes less stressed - When you sit in the office in your regular office chair, your back is normally straight. When you sit for an hour or two, you start feeling the weight of your upper body taking toll on your lower back, thighs and buttocks. When you are seated this way or rather when you get used to sitting in this position, your spine disc tends to gather some degenerative fluid which makes your spine shrink. The zero gravity chairs are designed to help relieve the spine discs of this fluid hence enabling you to only relax but also reduce chances of back related diseases.

Helps relieve back pain and stress - Today's lifestyle is definitely taking a toll on the enjoyment of life for many people. Consequently, more and more people are now complaining of back pains. This lounge chair is designed to give you the best possible relaxation. Spend time in this chair every time you want to relax and you will make your back aches go away. The tension that is normally found in the muscles and joints will reduce drastically once you make lounging in this chair routine. By reducing the amount of stress in your body muscles, by extension you are also reducing the stress in your mind and life in general. It is therefore very likely that you will have an easier life with very little stress.

Heart and lungs health improves - Many people work in offices where they sit for long periods of time. These long working hours while seated have led many people to have a bad sitting posture. With a bad sitting posture, your lungs tend to function at less than the ideal capacity and so is the heart. In your reclining zero gravity chair, you will rectify this problem because you will be able to stretch all you can, giving the lungs maximum air. As for the heart, the blood will flow better once you relax in this chair.

They give value for your money - Buying any one of the high quality zero gravity chairs that are featured by many of the furniture stores spread all over Canada will prove to be a worthy investment. Your life will not only improve in terms of you having a cool place to relax outdoor but you will get to enjoy a long list of other health benefits. You will end up cutting back on visits to your physician because of back aches and other stress related issues once. Moreover, your social life will most likely be enhanced because friends will want to be coming over for a relaxation therapy in your chair, of course you can always direct them to where you bought it. Your love life as well as your family life will improve because you will now have a place to unwind as a family.

Zero gravity lounge chairs - If you are suffering from anxiety and too much stress, it is time to sooth your muscles with a reclining massage chair. There are lot of reliable brands are available in Canada like Cozzia, Human Touch, Panasonic, and Osaki.

Like in buying any other piece of furniture, you should first consider the budget you have and then the specific needs you have which can be catered for by this chair. Zero gravity chairs require more space than the normal recliner chairs because the foot rest extends while the back can go all the way to 180 degrees. You will also need to check the price of this outdoor chair vis-a-vis the features it comes with. Because it is meant to be kept outdoors or to spend a reasonable amount of time there, it should be made using tough materials. However, such materials should not compromise on the comfort and functionality of the chair. Indeed, there are a lot of things that you will need to consider before buying the chair. The good thing with most furniture stores in Canada today though is that you will be advised on the best zero gravity chairs to pick based on your needs and budget.